Making Crocheted Doilies And Potholders

I have been doing some crocheting the past couple of months. I haven’t posted a needlework post in a long time. Before I retired I bought a stash of crochet cotton from different outlet stores when I was on the road driving truck. So I have a pretty large stock of number 10 cotton thread….

Pillowcase Edging Pattern

I enjoy making pillowcases and have a cedar chest full of them.  This is one of my current projects.  The pillowcases are more like shams because the embroidery pattern covers the whole case.  I will show you the finished project in a later blog. What I want to do is show you my favorite wide…

Rooster Kitchen Towel

  2017 is the year of the rooster according to the Chinese calendar.So you are going to see roosters everywhere in household items.  I embroidered this rooster towel using an Aunt Martha’s iron on pattern for the embroidery pattern #3753. It is a current transfer pattern that can be found on Aunt Martha’s internet site….

Kitchen Tea Pot and Tea Cup Towels

I was looking through my fabric stash and found some medium weight organic cotton I had bought several years ago.  It was a markdown from a quilt shop that was going out of business. At the time I was just intrigued with the idea of organic cotton. It was soft as well as having  a…

Daffodil Embroidered Pillowcase with Crocheted Edging

Back before we could order on line I would shop by catalog.  One of my favorites was Hershner’s Catalog for crafts.  Each year for Christmas I would buy a surprise box of stamped embroidery items.  It was their way of getting rid of items that didn’t sell or stuff they were over stocked with.  The…