Fabric From The Past-Toile de Jouy

  Toile de Jouy simply means “cloth made in Jouy en Josas,” a village in southwest France.  This type of cloth was soon just called by this name even though it was made in other countries. The factory became famous because of it’s monochromatic prints of scenes with people in the French country side.  Come…

Elisabeth Gurney Frye-How Quilting Came to Australia

Quilting has a rich history in America but many quilters don’t realize that Australia also has a strong history in quilting. It played a major part in the women’s role in helping to settle that country too.  It was all because of one women named Elizabeth Gurney Frye.

Log Cabin Quilt Block-Sampler Quilt

The Log Cabin quilt originated in Europe in the early 19th century or maybe a little earlier.  On the Island of Mann,  red and white wool was torn into strips and sewn in this pattern called ” The Roof Pattern.”  None of those quilts survive today but descriptions of this quilt is found in diaries….

Delectable Mountains Quilt Block- Sampler Quilt

In 1678, John Bunyan published the “Pilgrim’s Progress.”  It was an allegory based on the scriptures.  This book was the most widely read book for about 200 years besides the bible.  In fact it and the bible were probably the only two books in most homes. Many children was taught to read from this book….

Godey’s Quilt Block-Sampler Quilt

In my search for block patterns for this sampler quilt, I found this pattern in a special edition magazine published by Quilter’s Newsletter in 2005.  I had put this magazine in a sleeve in a binder that I have all my reproduction notes and clippings.  Actually I have 6 of these binders.  I have been…

Rose of Sharon/Ohio Rose Quilt: A Short History

One of the patterns that have a rich history and have been favored by quilters is the Rose of Sharon, Ohio Rose or Whig Rose. This is one of the oldest applique floral patterns.  It is a stylized rose that has its roots in the Tutor Rose used by the aristocracy in Europe. As I…

History of the New York Beauty Quilt

When looking at vintage quilts, I often wonder where the name come from because the pattern don’t seem to lend itself to the name.  In the 1990’s, quilt historians registered every heirloom quilt they could through individual state projects.  They documented them in photographs and through recording family provenance.  Because of that research they were…