Three Bean Salad Home Canning Recipe

I didn’t get to do any canning this summer due to health issues. Now that I am feeling better it is time to do some winter small batch canning. I have my stash of lids that I had to stay on my toes to find last spring. There was plenty of empty jars sitting in boxes to use for several projects.

For the last couple of years canning supplies are hard to find year around. You have to start looking for them in earnest late winter when the stores start restocking and get all that you will need for the whole year. With the current supply line problems, who knows what there will be available in the near future. So I have been saving my used flat lids that are gently used and in good shape to reuse just in case I need to. I come from a era that lids were reused often. My mother did so with good success. I know that it is not recommended and I have only done it a few times. I just never had to because lids were easily found in stores. Almost all my food processing is done under modern USDA guide lines.

One of my favorite canning recipes is three bean salad. I had all the ingredients to make three batches which took me a couple of days. This is a pickled recipe so anyone can do it because it is a water bath process. You can use frozen or fresh green beans and a can each of kidney beans and chic peas. You can find this recipe at the National Center for Home Food Preservation. I am posting a link to the recipe below. This recipe allows oil to be used which the center has tested and approves. That is why I am posting the link. I want the reader to be confident to give the process a try. The lemon juice addition to the brine makes the flavor stand out. I use the half pint in a green salad when I am serving more then two people. All that I need to do is dump the whole jar with the brine on the salad and toss. The brine is the salad dressing. The jars can also be a nice gift item.

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  1. My mom always made three-bean salads, but sometimes she had four beans in it! Love the pickling here.

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    1. trkingmomoe says:

      I liked canning this recipe because I am only feeding 2 people. I enjoy 3 bean salad and don’t have to buy it in the can or end up eating it for a week if I make it. It is nice to have it in the pantry ready to go. Thanks for your comment.

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