Pineapple from my Garden

This is what a pineapple looks like when I ripens on the plant. It is small and the ruler is a standard twelve inches. The color is so pretty I almost hate to eat it. You don’t find them in the store that color.

I can’t grow much where I live because the lack of space. Pineapples really grow well here in my flower bed. The plants have produced two this year. I have six plants right now. The two pineapples are small because the plant was started from a pineapple top. I will start another plant from the top. The second pineapple is not quite ready to pick.

I also have an establish grape vine that grows in South Florida but I have no idea the name of the grape. They are sweet large and don’t grow in bunches. With all this rain I should get enough to can a few pints. The vine gets trimmed back in December and then I just let it grow in the spring,keeping it from taking over the whole car port. This grape sets fruit on the new wood on the end. They should be ready in August when the grape starts to turn half way brown. When I bought the vine fifteen years ago it was on a mark down cart for a dollar.

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  1. Gloria Hilsinger says:

    I grew a pineapple from a top in a planter that lived in a sunny window during Pennsylvania winters, and enjoyed the deck during the summer. It produced a pineapple exactly like the one on this blog. Just big enough to share with family to each have a bite. Delicious!

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    1. trkingmomoe says:

      All I have to do here is root it in some water and then pot it up. In Feb, I will plant is in the pineapple garden. They seem to like that spot and the following year it will produce a fruit. It is much harder to grow one like you did inside a house. It is fun to watch it grow and ripen. Thanks for stopping in and sharing your pineapple story.


  2. Wow, how awesome!! I can’t believe you were able to start the plant with a pineapple top!

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    1. trkingmomoe says:

      I have been doing this for many years. Here is an older post that I explain how it is done. That year I had larger pineapples from stock that was not hybridized. I made jam from the 2 that year. Some of the ones that I buy from the store don’t always root. Next time you get a pineapple try potting one and put it in a sunny window, Thanks for your comment.


  3. zippyquilts says:

    Your grapes might be muscadine. They are large and sweet and available here in late summer.


    1. trkingmomoe says:

      I finally looked them up last night. This is the first year that the vine has produced enough to do something with. Mostly the vine has been shade. Yes it is a muscadine variety that is light green to bronze color. It isn’t the dark ones. I hope to make some jelly with them. Thanks for your help.


  4. Bijean Ford says:

    This is so awesome! 🙂 I understand how accomplished it feels to see that little pineapple flower and fruit, as I experienced this for the first time in August, after 2 years of time and care, so CONGRATULATIONS! I haven’t yet experienced the ripening stage as mine is still growing and I’ll have to bring it inside from the soon-to-arrive cold, BUT I CAN’T WAIT to taste that home-grown goodness!
    Over at we are premiering a piece which follows that journey of pineapple inflorescence and subsequent fruiting…you should check it out!
    Oh and by the way….following! 😉


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