Birds in the Air Quilt Block- Sampler Quilt


I followed the Gourmet Quilter’s instructions but I didn’t have 10 inches squares or what they call in this country layer cake bundle.  I used my scraps and made it scrappy.   In this picture I still had a few places to fix.  That was just on the sewing the four squares together.  It made a nice 12 1/2 unfinished block for the 18th century sampler quilt.  A well know civil war quilt made by Debra Coats was made from this pattern.  You can see the quilt and read the history at this link:

I started with a selections of fabrics that I cut in half square triangles.


I didn’t have any color theme in mind.  I just looked for fabrics that I thought would look nice mixed together.  I made sure the large pieces had a medium print that was interesting so fabric would be the feature of the block.


I played around with the pieces until I got the look I wanted.  All the points on the birds face the same directions.  I started by sewing the small half squares first.


Then I sewed the little birds to the large half square.  You have to be careful not to stretch the bias as you sew.


You can see it makes a nice 6 1/2 inches square.  I always over size my half squares triangles so I can trim down afterwards.


Sew the four 6 1/2 inches blocks together to make the 12 1/2 inches unfinished block.

This is really a fun block to make.

6 thoughts on “Birds in the Air Quilt Block- Sampler Quilt”

    1. I dug around in my scraps that seems to keep growing for these. Right now I have them spread all over the living room. I am going to sort through them. My next block is going to be the Mariners Compass. I am going to paper piece it. I guess we will see how I do with that. In the mean time I have a mess to clean up and the sweeper to run.

      Thanks for stopping in and commenting.

    1. Thank you. We pay for every inch of the fabric we buy, so we should use every inch we can. I used to be told that by the quilters that taught me when I was a child.

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