Sewing a Block in a Block on Point Tutorial




When working on center blocks like this one it is important to have them accurate so you don’t throw the size of the whole block off.  I keep a small ruler to check my accuracy of my quarter inch seam as I work, also I check to make sure the finished center block is a perfect finished size by measuring it.  This is part of the Godey’s Quilt block that I posted earlier.

I thought I should go into more detail that the pdf pattern file does not.  Make sure you cut your pieces very accurate because that helps with keeping this block or blocks like it stress free.  Also I keep a ripping tool at my machine to make any corrections as I work.  I don’t rip a seam if the quarter inch seam is too small. I just add another seam in further after I measure the seam for accuracy.  I have been sewing for fifty years and I still check myself very carefully with blocks like this. I also press by not pushing the iron back and forth, but pressing down and lifting up to the next spot.  This is important if you have bias cuts. The fabric stretches very easily with heat and steam on the bias.  It don’t take much of a stretch to throw things off.

Here are the steps for making this block:



First fold your center block in half and finger press.  This will give you a line to line up your point on in the center of the block as you pin.




Sew quarter inch seam and check for accuracy.  Then pin the opposite side making sure that the point is also on the finger press line.  Then sew it one and checking your seam.  Also check to make sure the center block is the perfect finished size from both side.



Press seams like this,



Now fold and finger press in half to make a line again for the other sides.  By sewing opposite sides you are able the press the block flat and can make any corrections easier if needed.  Pin the next block on lining up the point with the fingered pressed center line.



Finish the other sides checking for accuracy.  In this case the center block was a 3 1/2 inches square unfinished size and after the sides are sewed on it should measure a 3 inches square block in the center. If not you will need to do some adjustments.  I had problems on one side and had to take the seam out and resew it on to correct the center blocks size.

DSCN0619 DSCN0620


Click on the pictures to get a closer look at the problem I had.  When I resewed the seam I could then square up the block leaving a quarter inch seam allowance at each point of the center block.  This way you don’t cut off the points when sewing on the next round of pieces.


Click on the picture and take a closer look to see how the points are sharp and in place.  You still have to keep checking your quarter inch seam accuracy as you go.  I helps to be able to see the how you sewing line looks up against a clear ruler or template for quilting.  You know just were to correct your seam and some times only have to partially rip and sew your seam.  I sometimes, even though I have my seam well pinned I will have slippage also I some times tend to at the end sew a shallow seam as the last bit of fabric runs through.

I hope these tips help you with you next challenging quilt project.

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  1. suth2 says:

    Thanks for the advice, it will certainly help with my next quilt.


    1. trkingmomoe says:

      You are welcome.


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