Godey’s Quilt Block-Sampler Quilt


In my search for block patterns for this sampler quilt, I found this pattern in a special edition magazine published by Quilter’s Newsletter in 2005.  I had put this magazine in a sleeve in a binder that I have all my reproduction notes and clippings.  Actually I have 6 of these binders.  I have been quilting for a long time.  The name is what caught my eye and it looked like it would be a challenge because of all the small blocks set on point.  I also wanted to use up more of my small scraps.  When I finished the block and had all my notes and pictures ready to write the instructions, I went looking on the internet for some history on this block.  What I found was that Quilter’s Newsletter featured this quilt in their June/July issue 2013.  They are offering the pattern for free on their site as a down loadable pdf file.  http://www.quiltersnewsletter.com/content_downloads/QNMP-130700-GODEY_BLOCKFPweb.pdf



I don’t buy many quilt magazines now that I am retired.  I would not of remembered it from glancing through the magazines at the store.  The only really new thing going on in quilting is the fabric the patterns have already been around for a long time.  I didn’t find any other information on the block so I am not sure if this was a block from Godey’s Magazine.  I do know they did publish some quilt patterns but I don’t think they named any of the patterns.  Godey’s would have been featuring in fashion plates the red, black and white Garibaldi fabrics when they were being worn.

I chose a Garibaldi reproduction print that had a large flower for the fussy cut center.  The red, black and white Garibaldi  reproduction print is from about 7 years ago.  I just have this scrap left from then and now don’t remember who did that series.  The red, black and white was the colors of the uniforms of Italian soldiers that Garibaldi led in the mid 19th century.  That color combination became very fashionable during that time and was named after Garibaldi.



The important thing to do when making this block is to keep checking your size with a ruler.  Make sure you are sewing a quarter inch seam and the finished parts are exactly the size they should be.  Or later in adding the checker board the block will be off by a country mile.  You have a bias edge on the checker board pieces that you will need to fiddle with until it all matches up.



You can click on the pictures to get a closer look at the block and how the points line up.  It will take some patients and is very challenging because the checker board blocks are 1 1/2 inches square finished.  The pictures don’t do it justice because it is a very striking block with it light and dark contrasts.  It does use up many little bits and pieces of fabric. This is one of those quilt blocks that is “sew worth it” to add to a sampler quilt.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. trkingmomoe says:

    Thanks, It took a while to get all those biases to cooperate so I could finish the block.

    I am on Daily Kos.com later today in their Diary section with the full blog on the quilt a long. It should be up about 3 pm your time.


  2. Sandra Louise says:

    Love that center fussy-cut fabric. It’s a little like the fabrics I have in a Civil War quilt I’m working on.


    1. trkingmomoe says:

      The company did a good job reproducing it. If you click on the picture you will get a good close up of the fabric. The little dots on the copper printing drums was how they created shading in the early days of printing fabric. Thank you for your comments. Looking forward in seeing your Civil War quilt.


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